The One Important Thing to Make Your Band Succeed

It is that all the members are looking at a same direction (not about musical things, but about the band's specific goal for example) with having motivation at the similar level.

I was reading the review of BECK (a Japanese manga series of the success story of a imaginary rock band, BECK) for no particular reason.
Then I remembered the day of TEENS ROCK IN HITACHINAKA 2008. Ron (the guitarist of Rooftop Port, my old band) said that he would bring all the volumes (33 volumes for all) and he really did to my surprise.
In retrospect, he tried to put BECK's success story to Rooftop Port's future, and wanted to share the feeling with the members (actually I was the only person who hasn't read all the volumes in the band).

During the period of the competition (2 days including the day for rehearsal), I kept being distracted by my own practice, revision and tension for our important performance, so I could just read 3 or 4 volumes around the volume 20.
If I could share his feeling at that time, perhaps Rooftop Port would not break up after winning TEENS ROCK IN HITACHINAKA 2008.

The reason Rooftop Port was doing well from 2007 to 2008, can be that all the members are looking at the specific goal of winning TEENS ROCK IN HITACHINAKA at the similar (very high) level.