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Juke/Footwork and Post-dubstep Juke/Footwork and Post-dubstep

I read about two music genres called juke and footwork.
Juke emerged in Chicago, reflecting the local dancers' demands for faster music to dance with. They wanted to challenge their footwork.
The music genre footwork was derived from juke, which includes more tricky and unpredictable rhythm approaches.
Naturally, footwork is also the term to indicate the style where people dance to Footwork music.

This is post-dubstep.

Personally, I don't consider post-dubstep as a music genre. It just refers to the music scene that evolved in London after the dubstep period. Musically, it is very different from dubstep.
Unpredictability is a common characteristic of both Footwork from Chicago and post-dubstep from London. Though, post-dubstep music is usually slower than footwork.