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'Secret Email Address' Free Live Recordings

Dear abirdwhale 'Secret Email Address' Members,

Sorry for being this late, but as I promised you, for the members,
I will give out live recordings from the concert on 20 February 2012 in Daikanyama, Tokyo very soon

If you email address has changes, please let me know your new one from 'Contact' on this website.

Dear Non-Members,

'Secret Email Address' exclusively disclosed to the people who physically came to my concert. By sending an email to the 'Secret Email Address, you become a special treated member who will receive live recordings, priority to book concerts and so on. This service is still at an experimental stage.

However, as abirdwhale has never done proper concerts in the UK yet, here is a limited time offer to accept new members via online.
Please type 'secret' in the body, and send an email from 'Contact' on this website.
If you want to receive the live recordings, please do register as soon as possible.
This offer will end without notice.