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AKAI APC40 mkII was announced

A few days ago, I was trying to find what device is best for me for DJing. I concluded that APC40 is the most suitable (among the Ableton Push, APC20, Livid Base, LaunchPad S, monome, iPad Air and iPad mini. I own a Livid Base and an iPad mini), but also found out that APC40 has been discontinued. Since then, I have been waiting for any news about the next generation of APC40.

And here it came.

I'm very much looking forward to it. As it won't be available on the market until this summer, I would love to be a monitor. I am ready to write a detailed review with a video of how I use.

AKAIからAPC40 mkIIが発表された

Ableton Liveを中心としたDJ環境の構築を模索していて、APC40が最も適しているという結論に達した(検討対象はAbleton Push、APC20,、Livid Base、 LaunchPad S,、monome、iPad Air、iPad miniなど。Livid BaseとiPad miniは所持している)。ただそこでAPC40が生産終了しているということを知り、後継機の発表を心待ちにしていたのが数日前。