Start Documenting Things

Though once I had lost the reason to keep posting articles to a blog (this is why this space is named 'Notes', not 'Blog'), these days I started to think it's good to document things.

I will document things here to organise what I did, what I am doing and what I will (want to) do. The reason I expose the things online, rather than keep my little diary in my room, is to find the people who might be interested in being involved with my things.

Thus I will restart posting articles here for documenting and seeding.

Today I gain the volume level of the films which shot in Tokyo in September. As I found a few problems, I haven't published them.
After that, I adjusted the mix of a shot track called 'Rain, Child, Rain' which I wrote for one of my classes at the University of Sussex. Then I sent it to the commissioner of the Mita Film Competition. I have already sent the other track, but the feeling of 'Rain, Child, Rain' is quite close to the theme of the competition. I don't mind if they won't use it.