abirdwhale Launches a Single-Take Music Video for YouTube, Shot in Yanaka, Tokyo

【Press Release】
Here is the PDF version: abirdwhale film 01 press release

Brighton, UK, 18 December 2012 — abirdwhale (http://abirdwhale.com/), a solo project by Japanese 23-year-old musician/creator, Kakinoki Masato, based in Brighton and Tokyo, has announced the release of his music video abirdwhale film 01 (Into the Place). (Into the Place) is the subgroup of the abirdwhale films which include the following idea: the mixture of music video, live performance and place. abirdwhale film 01 (Into the Place) highlights the Japanese old-fashioned shopping street, Yanaka Ginza in Tokyo. This is a single-take video, and was shot only once to capture the best moment of the well-known sunset in Yanaka Ginza. All the sounds were recorded in real-time.

abirdwhale’s aim with abirdwhale film 01 (Into the Place) was to create a piece of work which is primarily meant to be expressed on YouTube. This is not a promotional video for music, and not a documentary of a live concert. This is a short film made for being viewed on YouTube. In terms of an outdoor live performance video, this piece is inspired by Take-Away Shows[1. http://en.blogotheque.net/serie/concert-a-emporter/], which was started by a French filmmaker, Vincent Moon. abirdwhale film 01 (Into the Place) focuses more on ‘place’ to extend the original idea of Take-Away Shows.

This is the first piece of a series of abirdwhale films. The second one is completed and to be published soon. The third one is under editing, and abirdwhale is currently preparing for the fourth film, which will be shot in the UK.
Shot in Yanaka in September 2012 and edited by Japanese video editor Hasegawa Hiroaki.
The song performed in the video is called ‘シャンゼリゼ’, which he put his original Japanese lyrics to the French chanson, ‘Les Champs-Élysées’.
abirdwhale film 01 (Into the Place) can be viewed at:
The screenshots from the video, a profile image and abirdwhale’s logos can be downloaded at the bottom of this article.

About abirdwhale
abirdwhale is a solo project by Kakinoki Masato, a musician/creator based in Brighton and Tokyo. He both writes and produces acoustic and electronic music. One of the defining characteristics of abirdwhale’s music is the creator’s voice, which has an exceptional clarity to it, becoming the distinctive trait in the tracks that could very well be considered the artist’s signature. He is interested in working with creators and media producers of all kinds.

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