Did an Electronic-based Live Performance

I did it finally.
I learned how to use Ableton Live, Max/MSP Jitter and Final Cut Pro from completely beginner point, and constructed work, then I performed. This was an insane period…
I was really scared that I might fail to finish by the presenting day. It was very possible, well, if I told someone about my progression, they should say 'No, you can't finish that. Try another way.'
But I did it. Thank goodness.

This was for the final project for the course called Music and the Media of Performance.
Actually any kind of work would be acceptable (in terms of that we went through John Cage in seminar), so I could choose easier thing to do, but I did it because obtaining the skill of doing electronic-based live performance was attractive enough for holding up these hard days.

The performance is much more than just pressing buttons and tweaking filters.
I made a video programming which respond to my sound. This can be applied in many ways for the future works.

Now the number of venues I can perform has increased extremely, as I only could hold an acoustic performance before. I'm happy with it.

Here is an image of my Max patch which I used for the performance. This was my first ever programming!
I did everything in the trial period of Ableton Live, Max/MSP Jitter and Final Cut Pro. What a great system we have. I will buy them later.

Screen Shot 2013 01 12 at 00 35 43