Drums, James Blake, 'Retrograde', Syler Jones, Johnny Hopkins

One of my bad habits is trying to make things perfect. I tend to defer many things because they are still not 100%. I even try to post perfect (without any grammar mistakes) blog articles here, so there are many drafts which have not been published.

It's no good.

My favourite quote says 'Done is better than perfect'. (Is it really from Facebook office?)

Sorry, this is a too long preface. Anyway, that is the reason I am writing this article now.


I started to play drums to understand more of rhythm approach. I practiced 2 hours this morning. Actually I spent half an hour to set up the drum kit. I still don't know how to tune the kit.

James Blake 'Retrograde'

I listened to James Blake's new track through university studio's decent pair of speakers (GENELEC 8030A). His vocal is much closer to dry (means without effect) this time. James Blake is still trying to progress.

After listening to 'Retrograde', I listened to his 'Limit To Your Love' for no reason.
I was surprised I heard quite many sounds that I didn't realise with my speakers or earphones (both are quite good ones, but of course cheeper than GENELEC 8030A).

Syler Jones 'Retrograde'

I also was impressed by his superb performance, but impressed more by his enthusiastic attempt to get the audience by posting his cover version of James Blake's new track. Actually this worked very well. People tried to search James Blake's hot new track, and then came across to Syler Jones' cover version as well. He did his work quickly enough to meet the people's attention.

Johnny Hopkins

This was the best master class I've ever had so far. I can't explain well here. I'm so glad I changed my mind 16:05 and ran to the lecture room. It's a bit shame he could tell us everything he prepared because of time (he kindly tried to inform as much as he could though).

To say shortly, I'm excited by today.

Please feel free to correct my grammar mistakes.