Did Busking in the City Centre

I did busking in the city centre today, near Royal Pavilion, just in front of a long bench. It was my first busking in the UK (The first place I've ever busked is Dublin, Ireland).
It went pretty well. I mean, not perfect, but it's always better to DO IT ANYWAY rather than wait for a perfect timing.

The actual reason I busked today is that I was asked to do so by the students from Documentary class. I'm helping them as a main character of their documentary. I'd like to help as much as I can.

I need to read a bit more tonight. I am listening to Alvin Lucier - 'I Am Sitting In A Room'. It's great as it's gradually changing to a beautiful sound from an ordinary and boring human voice. What he did is just rerecord his speech from one loud speaker again and again. Finally his voice is eaten away by pure resonance of the room.