I had a meeting with Matt Wright in the morning. I always feel better, motivated and productive after having a chat with him.
I should have revised the meeting tonight, but could not. I should do it tomorrow.
I have sent 2 emails regarding my PhD.
I checked James Garbett's DJ mix and tracks. I enjoyed his 'End Of Summer Mix' much. https://soundcloud.com/jimmyg92 He told me about Chris Malinchak, which I am listening right now. I have to send him the stem tracks of abirdwhale's 'Kocchi e Koi', as he is interested in remixing it.
I was planning to play my acoustic set (including 'Five, Six, Seven') at Cricketer's, but as I arrived there around 9:25, I gave up waiting for my slot. I wanted to get home and finish watching tutorials and starts this diary.
I made 2 Facebook groups (Canterbury Creative People's Casual Gathering and Canterbury Japanese Culture Casual Gathering).

Watched the following tutorials
Did You Know #28: List input to Math Objects
Max MSP Tutorial 01b1: Some basic but critical issues [1]
Max MSP Tutorial 01b2: Some basic but critical issues [2]