I found GECO today

While I was trying to get parameters from Leap Motion, I found this article. I could make a prototype Max patch to get parameters from Leap Motion and convert them to MIDI by using aka.leapmotion (Max external object) by Akamatsu-san as well.

However there were a few problems, and to fix the problems I have to go into aka.leapmotion and tweak it's C code. I have been thinking about start learning C or C++ to do so. Then today I noticed the comment area of the article above, and found the video below.

At 2:58 the uploader mentions 'GECO', and I remember the interface from the Humanelectro performance video by Ryo Fujimoto. This one.

Then I googled GECO and landed on this nice and short promotional video.

This software would speed up my performance project with a LeapMotion.

Ryo Fujimoto's another performance video is worth watching too.

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